ACEware Training Options

We offer the following training options:

  • *Public Training - 2-day public training sessions offered at various locations throughout the year (see below for individual training session descriptions). See the Events page for a list of upcoming public training sessions.
  • *On-Site Training - an ACEware trainer visits your site and conducts a private training session for your staff, covering the topics you select.
  • *†Internet Training - live training delivered to your office via the web. You select the dates, times, and topics to be covered.
  • Webinars - a series of seminars conducted via the telephone/web, covering various topics (e.g. Marketing, Query Management, Email Merges, etc.). Go to the Webinar Archive page to see the list of webinars available.
  • Annual Conference - and don't forget the ACEware Users' Conference as a great educational opportunity for staff.
  • *ACEware Enterprise Consulting Services - A workflow review and analysis as related to your use of ACEware products in your organization.

*These are fee based training options. Please see the Pricing page for the cost of these training options.

†You must be allowed to use a program like Mikogo or GotoMeeting for Internet training.

Public Training Descriptions

Student Manager Introductory (Bootcamp) Training
Topics covered: navigation (i.e. menus, shortcut keys, etc.), data entry (i.e. how to create records, register in a course, make a payment), report system overview (how to run reports), introduction to the report writer, and utilities overview (i.e. combine records, back-up data, etc.).

Student Manager Intermediate Training
Topics covered: brief review of navigation and data entry, code management (adding, editing, combining codes), customizing preferences, report and query management, intermediate report writing.

Student Manager Report Writing
Topics covered: adding/deleting report elements, report layout, report banding, introduction to report functions, page setup, printer setup, saving reports.

Advanced Report Writing
Topics covered: advanced concepts of report writer technique and theory including print whens, variables, justdoits, data grouping, and advanced report functions.