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Patient Safety

Dates:September 9-12, 2024
Meets:M, Tu, W and Th from 7:00 AM to 12 N
Location:Kenton Hall 125
Cost: $295.00

There are still openings remaining at this time.


Patient safety and cleanliness are a top priority for CNAs, as they play an important role in preventing the spread of infection and illness. CNA classes cover basic safety procedures, including infection control, hand-washing, transfer belt placement, clearing an obstructed airway, and how to clean and maintain a sanitary environment for patients.

Students receive instruction on identifying potential hazards such as poor lighting, cluttered hallways, unsafe electrical equipment, unlocked wheelchairs, and other common safety hazards. Students are also taught how to use safe body mechanics to help them avoid injury and prevent accidents when handling patients during the course of their daily tasks.

Fee: $295.00

Kenton Hall 125

125 Kenton Ave
Somewhere, ST 12345

Jerome Lavelle

Date Day Time Location
09/09/2024Monday7 AM to 12 N Kenton Hall 125
09/10/2024Tuesday7 AM to 12 N Kenton Hall 125
09/11/2024Wednesday7 AM to 12 N Kenton Hall 125
09/12/2024Thursday7 AM to 12 N Kenton Hall 125