Student Manager Reports

login-restricted You will need the current Customer password to download report files. If you don't have that password, please contact your ACEware technician and it will be provided to you.

Instructions to import/run reports are in zip files.

Sample Description Files
Quarterly Growth Year by year comparison for quarters selected. login-restricted
Package Income/Expense Summary Income and expense summary for package courses and their associated child courses. login-restricted
Courses by Category Groups courses by course category, with enrollment count and income by course, category and report. login-restricted
Workshop Listing Name Roster report that gives you a roster of each workshop set up for the course. login-restricted
Room Conflict Checking Gives you a list of courses with room conflicts. login-restricted
Class Evaluation Evaluation form that can be printed and given to students to evaluate the class. login-restricted

Sample Description Files
Name Demographics Statistics > Names > Demographic Summary - statistics based on selected criteria (e.g. firms taking courses in given time period). *Standard Report
LERN Life History Additional report in Accounting > Special 1 Reg-1 Line (Deadbeat) - students' participation in previous quarters/years. login-restricted
Credential Reports Additional report in Name Quick Reports and Reports >> Registrations >> Transcripts that display Name credential information. login-restricted

Sample Description Files
Daily Sign In Roster Prints a sign in sheet for each session of the course. login-restricted
Firm Registration Summary Summary reports how many employees per firm and how many registrations for those employees. login-restricted
First Time Students Reports total names registered and how many are FIRST time enrollees. login-restricted
Hybrid Course Roster Report sorts registrations by Physical/Virtual attendance. login-restricted
Student List for Date Range Returns a list of students who will be in courses on a specific date. login-restricted
Reg X Creator Summary Shows you how many registrations were entered by Student Manager users. login-restricted
Reg X %age Track Shows registrations entered by each user, and gives %age of Tracking Codes they captured. login-restricted
Half Life Additional report in Accounting > Special 1 Reg-1 Line (Deadbeat) - shows how many weeks out before the start of a course that you received half the enrollments. *Standard Report
Registration w/WWW Count Name Statistical report with a count of registrations added in office and registrations via ACEweb. login-restricted
Mass Email Receipts Reports lists people to be emailed, then runs the Mass Email Receipt tool after the print preview closes. login-restricted

Sample Description Files
Contract Training Invoice Additional report in Invoices > Run Invoices - prints an invoice for a Contract Training course from the Billing record, with registrants listed. login-restricted
1098 Tax Export Additional report in Accounting > Daily Income X Source by Course - exports 1098 tax information for electronic submission. login-restricted
Balance Owed Shows registrations with a balanced owed and whether they have been billed. login-restricted
Detail Profit/Loss Detailed profit/loss information with separate lines for optional fees and fee adjustments. login-restricted
Firm Escrow Additional report in Registrations > Registrations (w/fees & payments) - lists payments in **ESCROW** for the specified firm. login-restricted
Invoice Summary with Totals Line-item invoice listing with number of registrations, due, paid, and balance login-restricted
LERN Black Box Enrollments of classes over time and gives averages of enrollments and income. Useful for making course keep or dump decisions and for forecasting future enrollments. login-restricted
Prior Year Growth Additional report in Accounting > Special 1 Reg-1 Line (Deadbeat) - shows how current enrollment for the month/quarter/term/year compares to the previous one. *Standard Report
Summary w/Budgeted Expenses Profit/loss summary with total budgeted expenses. login-restricted

Sample Description Files
Reports by Last Ran Shows default and additional reports sorted by when they were last ran, listing report name, area, type, when last ran and who ran it, and when last edited and who edited. login-restricted
Inventory Supplies Shows number of inventory items on hand and order point. login-restricted
User Activity Shows how many records have been edited by users in your Student Manager system. login-restricted
Code Analyzer X Year Shows how many people have the specified codes for the year in which they took a course. login-restricted

You work hard on your reports, so why not share them with our community of users? A unique feature of ACEware reports is that customers can share reports. When we see a masterpiece generated by a customer, we will share it here for the entire ACEware community. And the best part is that your team will receive a special gift from ACEware! So be sure to let us know if you have a masterpiece that you want to share!

Sample Description Files
Spruill Arts Summer Camp Attendance Roster Consolidates course information and supplemental data for a summer camp roster. Includes the course code, workshop code, camper name, contact information and phone numbers, special needs, allergies on a single page. login-restricted

*If you don't find the reports in your system,>contact your ACEware technician for copies.