Guides, Manuals, and White Papers

login-restricted You will need the current Customer password to download some guides. If you don't have that password, please contact your ACEware technician and it will be provided to you.

Document Description
Best Practices login-restricted Student Manager Best Practices
Codes: Use them and Succeed login-restricted How I learned to code and live happily ever after.
Course Publication Checklist Course Publication Checklist
Creating HTML Emails login-restricted Best practices for HTML email creation.
New User Guide Launching Student Manager, navigating the system, add/edit/find/delete records, run reports.
Top Reports The top reports used most often by our Student Manager customers, organized into a variety of categories.
Tracking Codes login-restricted Tracking how your clients heard of your programs-Techniques and Tips
Document Description
ACEweb Training Manual login-restricted Installing ACEweb, Customizing templates, Student Manager Preparation
Administrator Guide login-restricted Implementing Student Manager, Setting Up Users, Codes, etc., Tools.
Maintenance Schedule login-restricted Student Manager Maintenance Schedule
Student Manager Training Manual login-restricted Adding/Editing records, Modifying Queries/Reports, Database Maintenance.
Document Description
101 Things ACEware can do for You! Adding/Editing records, Modifying Queries/Reports, Database Maintenance.
CRM and Student Manager Customer Relationship Management and Student Manager
Keeper of the Flame Job Description Keeper of the Flame Job Description
Productivity Tips A listing of nearly 50 tips and tricks for courses, instructors, names, firms, registration and payments, query and reporting, and operations to increase your productivity.
Setting custom conditions in Student Manager Fine-tune data retrieval using custom conditions in a variety of reporting areas.
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) login-restricted A basic outline of standard operating procedures for Student Manager.
Student Manager Classic vs SQL ACEware offers our customers the option of using either the Standard VFP Database (based on the .dbf file format) or a MS SQL Server Database.