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September 2023  ●  Issue #128  ●  SM 8.0.126  ●  AW 3.5.074 / 4.0.074

Payment Plan Particulars

September 21 at 2:00 PM (Central Time)

Join us for a review of payment plan set-up in Student Manager and receive an overview of the new feature allowing students to generated payment plans in ACEweb. We are always looking for ways to save you time!

Coordinator Coffee and Conversation

October 4 at 12:00 PM (Central Time)

Join us in the ACEware Virtual Café for coffee and conversation with ACEware and your colleagues. 

October's conversation is for Coordinators. Gather discussion topics and join us!

Release Webinar

October 4 at 2:00 PM (Central Time)

Join us for this quarter's New Features and Updates webinar. It's an opportunity to hear about all the newest features and enhancements in Student Manager and ACEweb! See a sampling of the newest features in Student Manager below!

ACEware New Goodies

Student Manager 8.0.126 was released on September 5, 2023:

  • You can now set a minimum age requirement on the course screen! Students must meet the minimum to enroll in the course. Note, this will require students to have a birthdate entered on their name record.
  • You can now filter out unpaid/overpaid courses when archiving.
  • You can now turn off phone formatting on Instructor Fax and Pager fields, and relabel them for other purposes.
  • You can now create Unlimited UDFs for Instructors.
  • Room Use now logs who created updated records, along with the date created and date of last update.
  • Many logging routines have been revamped!

See the full list of features and fixes in our Student Manager forum.


Student Manager 8.0.126 requires new DLLs. For more information, see the Update Instructions sheet BEFORE you apply this update.

Updating Student Manager Instruction Sheet

Filtering Courses When Archiving

Archiving is a procedure that removes outdated data from the live data system and places it in a separate set of data tables within the Student Manager directory. You can view archived data and run some reports that include archived data.

The new feature added to Archiving in 8.0.126 is the ability to filter out unpaid or overpaid courses when archiving.

In Student Manager, navigate to Module > Courses > Mass Change/Update/Delete/Archive (or use Alt+1). Then select a Course payment status to filter. On the bottom half of the window, select your payment status criterion.

  • All - all courses whether paid or not.
  • Paid Only - do not include courses with balances or credits.
  • Unpaid Only - do not include courses that have been fully paid.

Make your other filter selections (e.g. by dates or course number, etc.), then you can archive your courses.

For full Archiving instructions, see the Online Help topic:

Contributed by Cheryl

ACEware Cloud Development Update

We are counting down to the December release of our ACEware Cloud Environment Ver 1.0 and we are so excited about it!

Brandon has been cracking away at two reports this month: A Balance Due report, and the Refund Report. He's also implementing a system to keep even the largest queries running at the best possible performance.

We're putting some more tweaks on how users will be able to save custom versions of their reports, with the ability to show or hide those customizations for different profiles! Coming up next is tackling some of the heavy hitters like the Daily Income X Source reports.

A huge THANK YOU to those of you who enthusiastically volunteered to beta test our SaaS product in November. If you are interested, contact Sharon and she'll be in touch to discuss the details.

Contributed by Jason and Sharon

Tip of the Month: Repurposing Faculty Phone Fields

With Student Manager 8.0.126, you can repurpose the Faculty Fax and Pager fields. Head to Edit > Preferences > Faculty tab to remove the phone format and change the labels:


Student Manager 8.0.126 now has Unlimited UDFs for Instructors!!! See the Unlimited UDFs topic in the Online Help for more information. A shout-out to Mt. Airy Learning Tree for this enhancement! They wanted to track and perhaps even display instructors' social media handles! A very cool idea we expect to be popular for many!

Note, the upcoming ACEweb 3.5.075/4.0.075 release will support displaying Instructor Unlimited UDFs on ACEweb.

Contributed by Cheryl

Report of the Month: Emailing a Report

Did you know it's possible to email a PDF version of a report to someone? That option is available on the Report Options window:

  • Select PDF from the Also Output As drop down list.
  • Enter a path and a name for the PDF.
  • Check the Also email output file box.

Once the Print Preview closes, the Email screen opens and the PDF is attached for you. Enter the recipient's email address in the Send To: field, then click the Send button.

Contributed by Cheryl

To your continued success,

- Sharon, Brandon, Cheryl, Jason, Joe, Lindsey, Matthew, Stein, and Susan

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