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November 2022  ●  Issue #121  ●  SM 8.0.117  ●  AW 3.5.071 / 4.0.071

ACEware 2023 Planning Meeting

Your ACEware team gathered last week for 2.5 days of annual planning and team building. It was amazing to have everyone here in-person instead of via Zoom! It's been too long since we could get together!

Time was dedicated to planning 2023 webinar topics and regional training sessions, testing the ACEware Cloud Environment, discussing the success of our new ACEware hosting option, and celebrating ACEware’s 35th anniversary!

We especially enjoyed gathering with ACEware alumni (Jeannie, Michael, and AJ--remember them?) for a delicious dinner at Lazy T Ranch, which is a wonderful venue in the Little Apple, Manhattan, KS. There was plenty of memory sharing - do any of you remember conferences on cruise ships?

Information on our 2023 webinar series, coffee conversations, and regional trainings will be shared with you very soon.

We are so very thankful for each of you and wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!

Sharon Brookshire l President

ACEware Systems

ACEware Partner Spotlight

As we consult with customers across the nation, phrases such as, “we are so short-staffed,” “we’re doing more with less,” and, “vacated positions are not being filled,” are not uncommon to hear. This is coming at a time when skills training is critical to the workforce, which makes the situation even more complicated. To meet this need for training, continuing education programs are partnering with external content providers to fill the gap.

ACEware is proud to introduce you to Career Educational Services (CES), who provides allied health and IT fundamentals training courses. CES is managed by continuing educators who know what you do, but what's even better is that ACEware knows them, and they have been with institutions that partnered with ACEware! Check out what their message below and give them a shout if their content might serve your students and community.



Let Career Educational Services (CES) be your source for generating revenue by becoming a partner. Meet your institution's mission without exhausting yourself and your staff. CES provides instructors, course materials, administrative support, and participant externship placement. Partnering with an expert in allied health training can reduce risk, cut start-up costs, and makes the program implementation as uncomplicated as possible.


CES has partnered with universities offering condensed, popular, and highly sought-after medical career training programs nationwide. These fee-based and non-credit programs taught by experienced industry professionals can generate substantial revenue. 


CES has also created partnerships with medical facilities, healthcare providers, and pharmacies for participants to complete the externship part of their program. We have national contracts with companies such as CVS and Walgreens. Our programs are condensed but thorough for preparing our graduates for certification and entry-level positions.


Our proven success is based on several important principles:


  •   Easy Implementation
  •   High Pass Ratio on Board Exams
  •   A High Graduation and Retention Rate
  •   Low-cost tuition and convenient times
  •   Meets the needs of the Community

Our market demands short-term programs. Adult students with work and family obligations can gain entry-level medical skills to start a new career without having to sit in a classroom for up to two years. Students appreciate the fact that class is held two days per week for three hours versus the normal time commitment of five days per week for up to five or six hours.


Our schedules allow this target market to keep working in their current job and spend more valuable time with their families while attending class. Our condensed format is a competency-based model, meaning that students are not paying for unwanted or unnecessary classes and materials. Students learn what they need to pass national and/or state certification exams, and gain the knowledge needed for entry-level positions.


For more information about becoming a CES partner please contact us.

Let CES be the answer to your future! 


Carmen Martinez Lewis


ACEware Cloud Development Update:

Multi Tenancy

Brandon has been hard at work with the latest cloud feature: Multi Tenancy!

This architecture will allow users to have continuous automated updates. All tenants will receive software updates simultaneously once we transition from test to production!

It also allows our users to have their own (optional) test and prod environments to preview upcoming features before official production release dates.

We were excited to have all hands on deck during our ACEware retreat to give us great feedback, as everyone got a chance to experience the cloud sandbox to its fullest!

Contributed by Jason

Student Manager New Goodies

Student Manager 8.0.117, released November, 2022:

  • We added Pay UDF fields to the Reports > Accounting > Daily Income report areas.
  • We fixed an error when adding new codes for Credentials use.
  • We fixed a pyoriginal error when archiving courses.
  • We fixed an error that was only affecting SQL users when they tried to pay from Escrow.

See more about the new features and fixes in our Student Manager Updates Forum

Tip of the Month: Deleting Additional Reports

Last month we covered deactivating reports. This month we will discuss *deleting additional reports.

For example, you would like to delete a test report you created. Or you have reports in your system that haven't been run in years and are no longer needed.

We strongly recommend you back up Student Manager before deleting reports. Instructions for VFP users. For SQL users, contact your database administrator about making backups.

To delete an Additional Report:

  1. Select Tools > Reports > Delete Additional Report
  2. Select the sorting option: View Natural Order or View Name Order. View Natural Order sorts your reports in the age order, oldest first. View Name order sorts them by report area first then report title.
  3. Uncheck the box next to the report that you want to deactivate. 
  4. Click the OK button to save your change. 

Deleting during Report Modification

You also have the ability to delete an additional report when saving modifications to it. 

To delete an Additional Report while in Modification mode:

  1. Close the Report Modification screen by selecting File > Close or by using the shortcut key: Ctrl+F4
  2. Click the Yes button on the Save Changes window. 
  3. The Saving Modifications window opens. To delete the report, click the Delete button. 
  4. Confirm the delete procedure by clicking the Yes button on the Confirmation box. 
  5. Click the Done button to close the Saving Modifications window.  

*Note you can only delete Additional Reports. You cannot delete a Default Report.

Contributed by Cheryl

Report of the Month: Firm Escrow

Student Manager has a new additional report available that will give you a list of Escrow payments for a Firm. The report sorts by Firm employees and shows the original payment information. I.e. date, receipt #, and course it was transferred from.

NOTE: this report makes use of the new pyoriginal field in the Pay table, which stores the course code of the original payment. For older Escrow payments, you may not have the original course title listed.

You can get a copy from our Reports website. It's listed in the Financial Reports section. The zip file has an instruction sheet to tell you how to import and run the report.

The report is run from the Reports > Registrations (w/fees & payments) report area. You will need to run it with a query where the course code is **ESCROW** and payer name is the firm. E.g.

As always, contact your ACEware technician if you want help importing or running this new report.

Contributed by Cheryl

Wishing each of you a very happy Thanksgiving!

To your continued success,

- Chuck, Sharon, Cheryl, Jason, Joe, Lindsey, Matthew, Stein, and Susan

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