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May 2023  ●  Issue #124  ●  SM 8.0.122  ●  AW 3.5.073 / 4.0.073

Quick Pick Tips and Tricks

June 15 at 2:00 pm (Central Time)

We'll cover the steps to take before you open registration for the high volume, high demand, limited seating registration sessions.

Firm/Contract Training Focus Group: Let's have a Conversation!

We are looking for volunteers to participate in a Focus Group on the topic of Firms/Contract Training.

We will talk about ways to enhance Student Manager and ACEweb, and features to build into our new ACEware Cloud Environment!

If this is of interest to you, contact Sharon

ACEware New Goodies

Student Manager

Student Manager 8.0.122, was released May 1, 2023:

  • Combine Names now allows you to combine records even if they are registered in the same course under both names.
  • Send an email to all logged on users from the Show Users list.
  • Add multiple staff reminders to a course.
  • Attendance Tracking Users: Filter attendance records by person from Record Attendance on the course record.
  • Gift Card Module Users: The gift card recipient will now show on the payment if the gift card was purchased for a specific person.


ACEweb 3.5.073/4.0.073 was released May 10, 2023:

  • Customize the notice on the course status page for courses set to Publish/No Register.
  • Users can now cancel their proxy registrations.
  • The new SessionCutoff INI setting is available for custom session cutoff behavior.

See the full list of features and fixes in our Forums: Student Manager / ACEweb

The Search Reports for Keyword Loop

Here’s the story. You go to Search Reports for Keyword and enter a term. It shows you some default reports, then more additional reports, and you’ve got to run them to figure out which report you were actually looking for. Oh, and if you didn’t write down those reports or maybe made a mistake when writing one down, then you’ve got to search again. And if there are 50 reports, you’re going to spend hours searching.

"Surely, there is a better way..." which has been asked several times over the years, but nothing came to me on how to improve searching. Then I was recently asked again. My knee jerk reaction was to say, “no” or, “how would that work?” But then I was like, “now wait a minute!” You see, years ago I built the Favorite Reports feature, and it was a nightmare with all the pieces that went into running a report, so I was hesitant to get into something like it again.


With Favorite Reports, you determine the area, query, and report. When searching for a report, you get everything except the query. So couldn’t I prompt the user for that query when they're searching? And then...Bam! Things clicked in my mind: All I’m really doing is just setting up a favorite report minus the query.


Now don’t get me wrong--this is easier said than done. But I was onto something and after playing with the code a bit, I got something working. In 8.0.123, due out June 5th, you’ll be able to use the Sarch Reports for Keyword feature and click on the report to run it. You’ll have to figure out what query to run, but hopefully you can come up with that.


The best part about this is that if you are wrong, you can click another report in the list and try it. No more long, drawn out hunts. Fifty reports, if that is what it takes, will take minutes instead of hours to go through.


Keep asking those questions--you never know when I’ll see the way through to getting it to a “yes!”

Contributed by Matthew

ACEware Cloud Development Update

Brandon has been working hard on getting the framework of the querying and reporting system in place this month! We’re looking at many options for this critical area to find the perfect balance of having robust and detailed reporting capabilities, while not being overly complex for the end user.

We’re also fine-tuning and working out how we best want to display remaining seats and fees for the students and staff, so stay tuned for more details on that!

Contributed by Jason

A note from Sharon: We received some great feedback on the ACEware Cloud Environment at our regional meetings this spring. Folks were excited and raising their hands to pilot the application. We sure enjoyed showing what Brandon is working on! We plan to have a customer demo later this summer.

Tip of the Month:

Sometimes, that pesky little forgot password link in ACEweb can seem very elusive, and in those times, you may get a call from a student who is having issues resetting their password.

You could clear out their password, then tell them the PubPassword (as listed in your PubPassword setting in ACEweb.ini), or you could just email them a password reset link. Sending a reset link to their email is a bit more secure anyway, so I’m sure your IT department would thank you if they knew you were doing it that way.

On the individual's name record, hover your mouse over the field title for EMAIL, which will tell you to right-click to send out a reset link to the student's listed email address.

Contributed by Joe

Report of the Month: AW STORM

Did you know you can allow your students to download/print receipts, certificates, and transcripts? With the ACEweb Student Online Report Module (AW STORM), they can print them from their Registration History.

If you don't already have AW STORM installed, contact your ACEware technician for installation requirements/details.


Payment Status shows them a list of their courses, and if they choose a Proxy option, it will include any proxy registrations they have added.

If the registration is paid, there will be a Print button in the Receipt column. They click it to open a PDF of their receipt.

The AW STORM module uses a report in Student Manager called Web Receipt to build the PDF receipt. The student can download or print their receipt.

Next time, we'll take a look at Certificates and Transcripts.

Contributed by Cheryl

To your continued success,

- Chuck, Sharon, Brandon, Cheryl, Jason, Joe, Lindsey, Matthew, Stein, and Susan

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