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June 2023  ●  Issue #125  ●  SM 8.0.123  ●  AW 3.5.073 / 4.0.073

Quick Pick Tips and Tricks

June 15 at 2:00 pm (Central Time)

Steps to take before you open registration for the high volume, high demand, limited seating registration sessions.

New Features & Enhancements

July 12 at 2:00 pm (Central Time)

Join us to hear about the new features added to Student Manager and ACEweb in the past 3 months.

Directors Coffee & Conversation

July 19 at 12:00 pm (Central Time)

Join us in the ACEware Virtual Café for coffee and conversations with your colleagues. This month's conversation is for Student Manager Directors.

ACEware New Goodies

Student Manager 8.0.123, was released June 5, 2023:

  • Run reports from the Search Reports by Keyword lists.
  • Schedule when courses are included in the Email Course Reminders check.
  • View course-specific CRM records on the course Comments tab.
  • Set a formula to calculate the course Publish Date (e.g. course.cobegdate-90 will set it to 90 days before the course begins).
  • The HTML Editor's create link field has been lengthened to accommodate extra long URLs.
  • The Certificate Wizard allows you to find people who have taken courses in different groups. For example, 10 hours in 'bucket' X and 5 hours in 'bucket' Y.

See the full list of features and fixes in our Student Manager forum.

Search Reports By Keyword

Last month, Matthew shared that the June release of Student Manager would include a way to not just search reports by keyword, but to also run a report right from the search results screen. And with the release of 8.0.123, this new feature is ready for use! Gone are the days of being caught in the loop of searching for reports, writing down possible results, forgetting to write down what turns out to be the actual result, and having to search again approximately 3.1415926 times until finding the right report.

To take advantage of this feature, go to Tools >> Reports >> Search Reports for Keyword, enter your search term(s), and click OK. If any default reports exist, you’ll get that list first. Press escape to see the list of additional reports. When you see a report that you think just might be the one you’re looking for, double-click the title to pull up the options screen. If after running the report it turns out to be the report you needed, great! But if not, that’s okay too—once you close the report, you’re taken right back to the search results screen so that you can try again.

Now go forth and search with greater efficiency!

Contributed by Lindsey

ACEware Cloud Development Update

Over the last month we have been performing a regression test on the user interface and hardening the existing features of the application.

The UI is now written in typescript, which will improve the code readability and maintainability moving forward. The move to typescript allows us to solve some of the more complex report query builder challenges.

In addition, we have strengthened security by adding refresh tokens to the application. This allows users to return to the same device within 3 days and have their working session automatically extended. No need to log into the system again if you have cookies enabled on your computer!

Contributed by Jason

Tip of the Month: Staff Web Access

We are hearing with more frequency that folks are splitting their time between the office and working from home. If you have staff that provides any of the following functions, and you have ACEweb, they can log into Staff Web Access.


  • Look up a Student
  • Log in as a Student
  • Register Students
  • Make payments (by Credit Card or Cash/Check)
  • Do Cancellations
  • Use Instructor Access (view Rosters, email Students, etc.)
  • Edit Course Information
  • Edit Bulletins


When logging into the Staff Web Access, page, staff will use their Student Manager credentials. Once logged in, they will be presented with a menu of available routines (i.e., register, check course information, edit bulletins).

If a student is navigating and having trouble, this tool is especially useful, as you will see what they are seeing.

More information can be found in the Online reference guide by searching Staff Web Access or by contacting your technician. 

Contributed by Susan

Report of the Month: AW STORM

With AW STORM, students can print certificates and transcripts for themselves, as well as certificates for their proxy registrations.


Staff must enable certificate printing for the registration by setting the Get Web Certificate field on the Registration record to Yes or Yes/Stamp Cert Date.

The AW STORM module uses a report in Student Manager called Web Certificate to build the PDF certificate.


To view/print a transcript for the logged on user, they will click the Transcript button.

To view/print a transcript for a proxy, select the Registrations I entered for others option, select the person from the drop down list, then click the Transcript button.

By default, all courses are included on the transcript. You can keep a course from showing on the transcript by setting the Show on Web Transcript field on the course record to No.

The AW STORM module uses a report in Student Manager called Web Transcript to build the PDF transcript.

Contributed by Cheryl

To your continued success,

- Chuck, Sharon, Brandon, Cheryl, Jason, Joe, Lindsey, Matthew, Stein, and Susan

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